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Default Re: How Did You Tell?

Originally Posted by justbreathe1994 View Post
For those who have grown (overly) attached to their Ts, how did you tell your T you were becoming attached? I’m not overly attached to DBT T yet, but I’m afraid I will become attached. It seems like the logical scenario, after growing attached to my last two Ts. I would like to “problem solve” with her by asking her what if questions, like: “What if I grow attached to you?" "What ifI fall into a similar dynamic with you as I did with ex T?" "Do you think you could handle it or would you refer me on?”

I want to have this conversation but I’m afraid, like always, I’ll scare her away.
I was instantly attached. It feels like we have known each other before. Very different than any other T. I've never been attached before at all.

It's not something I've discussed, but it sure causes me to think of her 24/7. I've went to see her with intent to talk about it, but never do it.

Maybe someday...
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