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Default Re: How Did You Tell?

I hate the word attached, it feels needy and clingy to me and those are two things I hate being.

Anyway... so one day I emailed him and tried to tell him about these feelings but refused to say that word so I used the word "Bond"

We talked about it in session and when I said Bond there, he quickly changed it to "Strongly attached" which I thought was weird, because he seemed to know and pick up on how strong it felt, it wasn't hard at all. Was a easy topic to talk about

However... and this isn't to scare you because we had a weird relationship but at one point, I started to feel a bit needy and realized I felt "too close" and it terrified me. I emailed him this and it ended up leading to the big rupture we had in May... when it all almost ended.

The good thing is, after talking it all through, we actually seemed to be closer after and I trusted him more. I was finally able to accept that he did care about me.

I'd suggest if it's scary for you, email or write it down but they are so used to this stuff and honestly they probably already know.
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