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Default Re: Autism or SAD - a bit late to realise !

I am not trying to say you do not have autism but I will say that I am leary of online tests for mental health disorders and disabilities. They are often skewed more towards encouraging a diagnosis than not. I would definitely see a doctor first before acting on the idea that you have autism or OCD. Many people assume its OCD when it can be something else and it could be that there is misinformation out about it or that they were never taken seriously as they grew up and were forced to figure out coping mechanisms on their own. I am not implying that you do not know yourself or that you dont have either of these things I am just trying to urge you to see someone before operating under the assumption that you have these conditions. There are medications that can help. Before autism was consolidated into ASD, my sister was diagnosed as having aspbergercs.. she is 27 and this was before it was a thing.. she has taken Luvox all this time and it has really helped.
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