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Default Re: How Did You Tell?

I struggled with this because I got attached fairly early on. I noticed I grew attached when. I started worrying about him abandoning me. It took me quite a few sessions before I managed to open up and say that I view him as a sort of father figure. I literally held my breath and felt my whole face go hot. He smiled warmly and thanked me for telling him. It was a very accepting reaction. Every time I brought up attachment I was worried I’d be too much and he’d terminate me. Quite the opposite seems to have happened in that the more accepting he became, the easier it was for me to open up and forget the “filters”.

I think that this whole attachment thing seems like a much bigger deal in our head than in the heads of our therapists. I really don’t think your T will run away or be scared off. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t expect it.
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