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Default Re: struggling with abandonment after best friend left

Originally Posted by luvyrself View Post
When we have a loss we have to work thru it, eg grieve it. There are 5 stages of grief and this takes time. My therapist often mentions that borderlines have a particularly rough time with situations that feel like abandonment. So yr going to need to be very kind to yrself in order to heal. Pamper yrself w feel good experiences and things u donít usually treat yrself to. I couldnít believe how great even a really good facial feels, or a massage or a mani pedi. Do some regular vigorous exercise. If one friend doesnít listen, try other people. Youíll get thru this. You have wonderful times ahead w other friends once u heal.
My friend is going back to Iraq on Monday. He has a dangerous job there. He already has ptsd. He is grumpy and terse. I canít let my own fear and pain ruin our friendship by overreacting to everything.

thanks for the words of encouragement

I hope your friend is okay too (the one going back to iraq)
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