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So about 5 years ago I abruptly stopped taking 4 meds at the same time. I never feel sleepy anymore or hungry and thristy. My hair has fallen out in big clumps since then. Been to med doc and neuro doc. No known cause. Bloowork fine. Who else could I go see who might have a clue?
I recommend consultation with a holistic provider such as a TCM doc (PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine/acupuncturist) and/or a Naturopath (Doctorate in naturopathy). Particularly given that your blood work was negative.

Those providers have helped me with several issues that MDs had no solution for or simply provided drugs with side effects. Generally, I think the fewer meds a person takes, the better off they are...provided they can safely live that way of course. It's very helpful to support the body's own immune system which is the approach of TCM and Naturopathy. I wish all 3 branches of healthcare would work together

Good luck Dnester. I hope you find what you're looking for
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