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Default Re: In Session Today: Part VI

She'd had an emergency and couldn't meet last session. She has no idea how much panic I have felt for a week not knowing if she was ok. I wanted to tell her how much I worried about her but couldn't. She shared the nature of the emergency with me and it was pretty serious. I was grateful she shared it with me and I was so relieved when I saw her smiling face and that she was ok.

It's strange to care this much about a T. She's the 8th one I've seen in my life & I never cared about any of them outside normal courtesy.

I didn't have to share any of my holiday season emotional rollercoaster either because she brought up an unexpected topic that we focused on for the session. I'm glad because I'm not ready to admit how much I need her and all of my insecurities about that yet.
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