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Default Re: Why is it wrong?

Just thought of an example I can give you for what it would be for him needing to calm

Imagine a child that has seizures and has been taken off medication by their doctor. The parent is instructed to watch the child for changes and not allow the child to do things that could cause serious injury should the child have a seizure, or become too dizzy or overly excited. These are lifestyle changes yet better than medication bc medication can cause permanent internal damage. I know about these things bc I have had seizures since I was 15mo old. Now, imagine that child starts doing something that causes the child to become more and more excited and the child just is not relaxing at all. The parent gets up and says to the child "hey, why don't we go put a puzzle together, wouldn't that be fun?" It's something the child enjoys, keeps their interest, yet calms their excitement to a tolerable level. Now .. for whatever reason, later on, that child gets put back on medication and the seizures are again controlled. After he or she reaches adulthood, the doctors try one last time to take him or her off medication bc sometimes hormone levels affect seizures. He or she remembers not to get overly excited, dizzy, or do dangerous things. So when he or she is out with his or her friends and feels his or herself becoming too excited or someone that knows of the person's past says "hey, you're getting a little wound up", excuses his or herself from the situation and says "I'll be back in a bit, need to do something." and does something more relaxing for a bit until he or she feels a sense of calm in his or her brain. Then returns to his or her friends.

This is the type of situation with my husband. He learned when he was young that when he needed to control his emotions, getting away from everyone was the best way to do it. Sometimes he recognizes it in himself, other times I point it out. Either way he uses the solution he knows works.

Is that a good explanation?
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