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Default Re: if you take Wellbutrin

My youngest kid has epilepsy and is on Keppra. I also heard good things about it being used off label for mood stabilization, but currently I have a very demanding job and cannot afford experimenting - Zyprexa makes me completely asymptomatic and allows to work at this pace and with this level of concentration. Elavil in the past caused severe weight gain. Other antipsychotics were tried and did not help (either made me depressed or could not control elevated mood). I do not need Prozac because I am not depressed on Zyprexa alone - I am trying Wellbutrin purely for weight management. Apparently it has started to cause sleep issues - I woke up wide awake in the middle of the night and had to take another 5 mg Zydis to go back to sleep - so I am halting this trial, but a very low dose of Topamax (currently 12.5 mg, eventually will try to titrate up very slowly) does help to control the appetite. I am very thankful for it.

Thanks for all of your suggestions!
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