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Default Re: if you take Wellbutrin

hi, me again. maybe a different neuroleptic/tranquilizer/"antipsychotic" ?

its Abilify for me...we appear to be life partners, whether I like it or not. :-( have options. geodon, perphenazine (watch the dose, carefully), latuda, abilify and friends (rexulti, and that v-one), loxapine (watch the dose, please), and...

there's an old combo pill, Triavil. Elavil+perphenazine. some psych docs do not go for the fixed combo pills, others do...anyway, its been used forever, helps some people.

metformin? diabetes II drug, generic. can reduce weight gain and help w/ metabolic nastiness that comes w/ 'treatment,' sometimes, in some people.

add prozac? symbyax is still around...zyprexa+prozac, together in perfect harmony. adding prozac in separately means 2 prescriptions, 2 co-pays (i dont know your insurance situation, clearly), but is often less expensive and gives the prescriber (and you) more control over how much you take.

antidepressants tend to increase neuroleptic blood levels.

now and then, those with mood problems do OK on Keppra. I don't know anything about it, I just knew of someone who took it and did reasonably OK, for a while (very helpful, I know).

sorry about all this. :-(
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