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Trig struggling with abandonment after best friend left

recently my best friend amelia moved away with her family to move on with her life. I knew her for only 6 months, but she knew loads about me- and I was really close to her (somedays talking to her was just as good as talking on this forum)

anyway, after she left (it was on a friday), I felt real intense abandonment- not just by her, but by other people who I knew- I told them that I miss amelia, and they just had no psympathy for me at all. the best response I got was a "oh."

next day I asked someone if they would still be their for me, and they said yes, but not meaningful or anything- and then afterwards promptly forgot about me

at the moment I feel I have no one- no one at all. I sit in my room and cry and believe I'm second nature to anything else, and anyone else

on top of that I can't get past the fact amelia left, and most nights I hear her voice in my head, speaking calmly and friendly, but it feels so taunting at the same time.. like I just want her here and I want to hug her and be with her- but her voice is making me think of her and making me cry

it's even worse than when beth died, a lot worse, which is stupid and makes no sense seeing as amelia is alive
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