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Default I overspent on my weekly shop and I feel bad

my groceries on friday came to a total of 100

most things in the store I braught 2 of- 2 bottles of coke, 2 bottles of doctor pepper, 2 packets of biscuits, etc, and I wasn't even mannic

the shop I go to as well is an expensive one, with the best food- and highest quality

point to my rant is after spending all this money on food and getting it home, I feel unworthy- that I don't deserve it, and that I'm being greedy (some of it's not open, and I really want to take it back)

yesterday someone asked me about it and I described myself as being "high maintinence", when it came to shopping- what I actually said was I'm not content with just the basics, I have to live like the queen and I really don't deserve it

and I don't

100 is the type of money you'd put away for christmas or put towards a cruise

not spend in a day at a supermarket
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