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Default Re: A.M. depression, is it just me?

Originally Posted by HopefullyLost1211 View Post
Hello Pixielouwho. That's a really good question. I have chronic depression and it can hit me at any time but I had many years of mornings being the worst. My lowest hard to get out of bed. If that is truly what's happening for you and you feel better later, I recommend a few things.

Check on your diet...what's the last thing you eat before night...what do you eat for breakfast...if anything. Perhaps you are running low on nutrients first thing in the morning or even hydration. There is research indicating that malnutrition or dehydration can cause or exacerbate depression.

Any alcohol or caffeine in your diet?

Any thyroid issues? Ever had levels checked?

Vitamin D levels normal? That was a deficiency for me one year. Can cause depression and insomnia.

Hormone imbalance? A wonderful TCM doc has helped me with balancing mine...eliminating migraines and reducing depression and anxiety.

How do you feel about light therapy? I have *not tried it yet myself but I had 2 professors who swore by it particularly in winter with seasonal depression. They used something called a full spectrum bulb in the morning while eating breakfast or preparing for the day.

I have a hunch (though I'm not a doc and nobody on PC can give medical advice) that your issue may be related to something physiological. Could be really helpful to look at diet, sleep, and physical health.

That said, if none of that strikes a chord with you, I recommend talking to an experienced psychotherapist. That has helped with my depression. The drugs never worked for me at all. Coping strategies can be so beneficial.

peace and healing energy to you
My diet isnít horrible but far from great. Thyroid and Vitamin D were checked and are normal. Just had hormones rechecked and still waiting for PA to discuss results. I am on BHRT, but has done nothing other than stop hot flashes.
No alcohol due to taking sleep meds for chronic insomnia, minimal caffeine.

I am going to ask my Pdoc this week about light therapy, trying to avoid meds but I am sick of crying every morning for most of the past year. Injuring my back took away my main coping tools, and it may take more months to heal, so that doesnít help.

I do see a therapist and like her a lot, but apparently that isnít enough. Thanks for all your input!

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