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Default Re: How to adopt your character to a new duty of life reinforcement

I used to employ mentally disabled persons at the coffee shop I managed. Pleasure to have. Job performance was never in question. They could always be counted on in times of a rush or stress. Appreciated by all staff and most customers. A treat to work with. And I had a great deal of appreciation for them accomplishing their tasks. Mind you their tasks were routine but they were mastered easily. Yep, if I was in the position to do so again I definitely would take on and work alongside the intellectually disabled including Down Syndrome.

incidentally, it is a different world today where the intellectually disabled are integrated into society. My children, now adults, were schooled alongside such peers and thus being around people with such challenges is to them their everyday normal. It is no longer the days of separating them into those who can and can't, normal and abnormal but those who haven't and have challenges. Thank goodness the world is a little easier for those that are the challenged. Thank goodness - at least in my world - they are treated with a great deal more acceptance.

As for discipline on either side I don't see where this has anything to do with it. Simply treat them as you would with all people; with dignity and respect. Simply challenge yourself to have a great deal more patience.
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