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Default Re: Daily Check-In Thread: Ups & Downs #25

Woke up feeling very down this morning. It had rained around 4AM and continued until about 6. Cloudy outside but not cold. It's almost 10AM now and I haven't done a stitch of housework yet! I went shopping after breakfast, washing up, taking care of my teeth, and coffee. I got up a bit later than usual.

My friend said that he would like to come and visit me today. I don't know if he will because the weather is questionable. My leg is feeling better, but now I strained my back just by putting socks on while sitting in bed.

Also I felt bad about myself because I had posted on another discussion board about what has been going on with me living at my place. I felt like my problem had been "topped" by someone else who said that her rent was going up $400 a month and she does not know what to do.
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