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Default I need a place to vent

A bit ago, I posted on here about potentially getting a blind dog. I had been so hopeful with this dog for many reasons but it's the only dog that even got me to consider another dog since mine passed. I was up front and honest in my application about everything.... and they let me go through the whole process to adopt him.

After meeting him, I was reaching out to trainers and vets who worked with blind dogs as his foster mom told me he constantly pooped in the house and it's not fixable because "He's a jerk" and that really bothered me. Being a trainer myself, I didn't believe it but I haven't ever worked with a blind dog.... so I thought well maybe it's related to that. 7 people I reached out to, told me, 100% it's a trainable issue, unless it's medically related. This dog has no medical issues. The foster and rescue have both said that.... well other than the blindness.

I had explained to the foster that I was home all day (she works for 9 hours and so does her husband and the dog is left outside at that time) and I had the patience and will to work with it but she insisted she knows him best and it was not trainable.

I've fought so hard for this dog because it was so big in my heart, in a "meant to be sense"... so after that experience I reached out to the adoption coordinator and explained what happened and how I was hurt that the foster had been touring a sanctuary before my visit and told me later on the phone that "for dogs like him, it's the best option" that was instantly her writing me off and giving up on the dog.

So I finally hear back from the adoption lady and the board members had all decided WEEKS ago, to put him in sanctuary.... unless a fantastic application came along.... well I'm obviously ****..... she then tried to use the fact that I have a disabled sibling as a reason it wouldn't work. My brother has been around dogs of all kinds his whole life. This is nothing new to him or my family. I was open about him in my application yet they supposedly are trying to use it against me now.

This sanctuary he is going to, has literally hundreds of dogs... from what I've seen on the website, it's all group stuff, no one on one time. No time for him to be loved. I know someone who volunteers at this place and she told me it's chaotic there and there is beer cans all over the place etc. I wrote out a last ditch effort email on Thurs to the board, explaining my experience and everything, even once had an aggressive dog signed over to me from a rescue because they wanted to kill him but I believed he would be awesome and he got a great family.

As usual, they have ignored me.... and said nothing. Tomorrow is the day he supposedly moves. I'm angry, frustrated and broken. Why oh why did they drag me through any of this? The worst part, I volunteered with them, but I am not longer willing to. I keep thinking of meeting this dog and his foster mom warning me and my dad not to touch him too much because he didn't know us and he walked up to me and kissed my hand. It was almost like he was thanking me for saving him, yet... I failed.
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