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Default Re: Something goofy to make you smile for a moment!

I'm not sure I've shared this one (at least not in this thread), but one day when I was going to the shop I met this man raising money for charity who had absolutely no interest in what he was doing

I went up to him and asked what his charity was about and he goes "dogs", nothing more, just dogs. I told him I liked dogs and he said, "I like dogs", and when I asked hhim his favorite dog, I like labradors, he said he liked labradors too.

I went in to get my shopping, and when I came back out he was still their

turned to me and went... "I like labradors"

as I walked back I couldn't help wonder if he was just payed to say he liked labradors, but not actually know what a labrador was. If I said I liked cats, or I liked birds, would he just copy me?
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