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Default Tooth pain?

Iím having teeth sensitivity on one of my bottom teeth. It started last week. Itís really painful to eat warm stuff. Not cold stuff. Just warm stuff. And itís mostly biting into stuff. I was eating these Lean Cuisine lasagnas and the pain was so bad to the point where Iím just not buying them at this point. It went away for a few days after switching toothpastes, but today I was eating a lukewarm baked potato and I bit into it and it hurt. My next dentist appointment was in April, but Iím going on vacation in May, and Iíd like to get things taken care of before that. So I rescheduled for next Thursday. Iím actually not too nervous for once. Iím usually terrified of the dentist. I donít know if itís a root canal issue or what. But I donít get why itís just when I bite into warm stuff and itís not constant.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?
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