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Default Re: I can't fight three posting this any more

Three is the only voice in my head

My heart just broke even more if that's even possible for a broke heart to break even more

I got in from work and Willow had got hold of a bit of rubbish from the bin and she decided to "guard" it like poor sweetpea Ebony used to Ebony would grab rubbish then imitate Gollum from lord of the rings "Myyyyyy Preciousssssss" kinda thing), clamp her mouth round it and stop either me or Tigger taking it until she figured out it wasn't food (Ebony's history being what it was, I wasn't surprised that she used to do that a lot)

Willow is so like Ebony was, it hurts Willow had a better time of it than Ebony had, but it does feel like Willow is Ebony come back to me even though that can't of happened

Willow knew I was really bad last night, I just wanted three to sod off and leave me alone so I was hiding in bed and Willow came onto the bed and decided to lie down balancing herself on top of me, Ebony used to cuddle up and purr but Willow balances on the top of me while loudly purring as comfort for me

Tigger had tucked herself up near the end of the bed and was also trying to settle me as well, she knows I'm needing her tonight as well cause she keeps coming up next to the laptop to share kisses And Willow wants to make me laugh by taking one of the christmas toys "hostage" in the carrier
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