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Default Re: Diabetes Support Thread

I saw the diabetic nurse today.Things have to be brought under control as my kidneys and liver are at risk.I am being referred to the diabetic nutritionist at the hospital.The nurse today offered me drugs,one was a weight loss injection and the other excretes sugar through the urine,both are heavy duty and have bad side effects.So I won't take them.I am to lose weight on my own and get blood sugars down by controlling what I put in my mouth and exercising.I am to try for a month then see the nurse again and keep seeing her once a month to stay on track we have got to get my HbA1c down by half,it is 14,it should be 7.Nurse says mine is the highest she has ever seen.My blood sugars are 459 again tonight.But last night I drank soda and pop again and for dinner today I had fish and chips,so tomorrow I will get serious about having healthy meals and no soda,juices just plain water.I have the knowledge to do this diet,lose weight and exercise,I will do it.I gave away my left over Christmas chocolate so I don't have temptation in the house.I will let you know this time tomorrow,4.39pm GMT if my sugars have come down.I am going to be posting here regularly for the foreseeable future and in the weight and diet thread.
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