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Trig Straight Cis Female dating Trans Lesbian

Have you ever looked back on a dating situation and wished you could be granted a re-do?

Over the Summer, I was casually dating the most brilliant and talented woman. We would occasionally kiss and make out if we felt like it but she always made it clear that she was still in love with her ex, which I completely respect and understand. For that reason we were mostly friends, although my affection for her was growing. She struggles with depression and has flareups where she feels suicidal so my main concern was being a supportive person in her life. It was very difficult because the depressive episodes were intense and there were several occasions when I would run over to her house, having to look into windows making sure she was safe.

My friend ended up getting back together with her ex girlfriend when her dog died and now she can't see me even in friendship due to her girlfriend's jealousy and serious M.I. She is very much in love with her and at the moment, her safety and stability seems to hinge on whether or not it works out with the ex. - sad but true, so I've had no choice but to comply and steer clear.

During her flare ups she said that her ex is "the only one" who accepts her just as she is. What I'd like to know is how I could I have best conveyed my acceptance of her? She would frequently wear boy drag, which I didn't mind, and I didn't have any preference but that she felt comfortable but I always see her as a woman. Is my being a straight girl somehow incompatible?

I feel bad and keep wondering if there was something I did to hurt her feelings.
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