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Default Re: Why am I thinking in such detail and so often about my former therapist?

I get this now, sadly. I lost my T 3 weeks ago. I've had sexual dreams since and constant thoughts during the day, feelings of frustration and anger to longing to talk again etc.

I have tried being social, actually gone out quite a bit with people and even have a new job where I have to talk to people but it doesnt help. Every single person I am mentally comparing to him and none of them are enough for me. I want him and no one else.

I'm sure in time, the intensity will lessen but I think for at least 2 yrs (When I'm allowed to reach out again) I will think of him often... and the sucky part is, I know that he never thinks of me and has already moved on.

It's hard because I believed we had a real connection and he admitted to feeling one too, but then easily just walked away like I'm nothing.

Anyway, I'm sorry you are still dealing with this
Grief is the price you pay for love.
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