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Default Re: Why am I thinking in such detail and so often about my former therapist?

Thanks. I agree itīs some kind of way to still feel "close" to her by keeping her in my mind. There hasnīt been one single day when I havenīt thought about her, what sheīs doing and whether she thinks of me or not.

Even if Iīve now spent some time with a few relatives during holidays I keep missing my therapist even if I also rather often feels angry about her and how negligent she acted.

I keep imagining her office, the chairs and so on and how she now sees other clients. Itīs a bit of a comfort that I know she wonīt be allowed to see any clients for as long as she saw me and by that she wonīt form such a bond as she did with me.

But I know I need a professional who understands and want to understand this abrupt termination and how such a grief is manifested.

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I think, thinking about her in such detail keeps you emotionally connected to her, which is especially important to you now when you can't see her. This is perfectly natural.

I am also guessing that you don't have much of a social life and/or close relationships with people right now. Loneliness just makes the desire to stay connected to your former T more intense, especially because she was, probably, the only one you could discuss your private life with. So, it's perfectly understandable why you are preoccupied with all these thoughts.
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