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Default Re: Combat vet PTSD

Sorry your sister's husband is such a challenge for her. It sounds like his PTSD is severe and more than she can handle. The behaviors you have shared here mean he is really unsafe to live with and extremely unhealthy for children to be around. Her husband is definitely not dealing with civilian life as all he wants to do is isolate himself and throw these terrible tantrums. She needs to keep the restraining order on him in place and he needs to be in treatment and longer than 14 days. It sounds like his mind is stuck in combat and it doesn't take much for him to get triggered, possibly even haunted by flashbacks. It's not unusual for someone with PTSD to be misdiagnosed with bipolar because triggers can set off the mind into frantic frenzy which is NOT the same as mania. It's important to understand that when someone experiences flashbacks it's really like you are actually reliving what is happening in the flashback. It can be VERY intrusive meaning it isn't something he is MAKING happen to him.

Combat PTSD can be extremely challenging which is why 20 combat veterans a day commit suicide.
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