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Smile Re: Adopting a blind dog

I'm not a dog trainer. But my wife & I have always had dogs. I used to enjoy reading the dog training books of Brian Kilcommons. And what I recall from reading his, as well as other dog trainers' books, is that dogs have a natural instinct not to foul their nesting areas. That's why they can be trained not to go in our homes. Dogs that are kept in crates or cages to the point where they are forced to do their business in the crate can lose this instinct. And once it's been lost it can be difficult to re-instill it.

I don't recall you mentioning what the breed is or how old it is. I can't speak authoritatively to the question of him lunging & biting. We live in an area where lots of people have dogs, especially smaller dogs since there are lots of condos & apartments in our neighborhood. There have occasionally been blind dogs we have encountered & none of them lunged or bit. So, personally, my non-professional thought would be that this dog's lunging & biting may or may not be related to the fact that it's blind. It may simply be an aggressive dog that also happens to be blind. Since you're a dog trainer, though, you'll be in a good position to judge what's going on & how best to deal with it... much better that most potential owners would likely be. Good luck... let us know how it goes!
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