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Default Re: Leaving someone with schizophrenia

I know there will be people who will cite "for better or for worse". Well, you have been living the worse and its too much. He is a danger to your kids at the very least. All the cussing and yelling are not good for them no matter what the cause. And the meth drug test has me wondering how long that has gone on. Meth psychosis can be similar to schizonphrenic symptoms and I am not sure, but I believe that long term meth use can damage some things in the brain which could lead to long term illnesses. JMO. You have tried. I do not think marriage should be a sentence. Despite it all you deserve happiness too. Just make sure you have all your ducks in a row and protection. He may becomes violent. I would get everything you need to leave, even if you have to take things somewhere a little at a time and do not tell him you are leaving until you've left and gotten somewhere safe. After that whether its divorce proceedings you need to have an escort at the house if you need to get stuff. I also think you need to go to the police and apply for an order of protection and report him. Does he have any guns in the house? He should not have access to them. If you plan on asking him to leave have law enforcement at the ready.
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