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Default Re: Leaving someone with schizophrenia

Having a schizophrenia is the most difficult thing in the world, I think. Sometimes everything goes wrong no matter how much love you try to give. I don't know if there's anything else you can do: I have a boyfriend, and he's schizophrenic, but it's too impossible to compare him to your love because schizophrenic people are really different from each other. A schizophrenic boy is in psychiatric hospital because he is unaware of his illness and very dangerous for himself. He's adorable, but it's impossible for him to get out. And my little love has an appartement for him and he is fine overall. They're very different and yet both schizophrenic. Your love needs help of course, and he is not a bad person: so why not talk about the possibilities of this situation? Maybe psychiatric hospital (I don't really like psychiatric hospitals) or something else that's possible. Or talk to him to see what could help him? A schizophrenic alone will never be better than a schizophrenic surrounded by even one person. Courage to your and your family.

I hope I'm not hurting, it's a difficult situation. ):

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