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Default Re: I think I might have Aspergers

Originally Posted by PsychoPhil View Post
There are some more tests on Have you checked your SQ? As to speech and clumsiness, same here. I am also told I am lacking facial expression. Not so much the question whether I have ASD, but more how the condition could have been overlooked for so long.
Originally Posted by shakespeare47 View Post
What makes you think you might have Asperger's?
Originally Posted by zapatoes View Post
How does someone know if they have a flat affect from depression or from aspergers/autism and is lack of facial expression the same thing as flat affect in depression. Iím curious since I have mild brain damage and have nonverbal learning disorder which is similar to Aspergers/autism.
My original posting already demonstrates one of my aspie traits: I phrased it so badly both of you misunderstood. I didn't mean to say I thought I was autistic just because of clumsiness and facial expression. In fact it's my understanding these two characteristics aren't diagnostic criteria, but often go along with an autism condition, and so I mentioned them separately. I had at the time been diagnosed by an autism expert, and have recently received the same result from a second independent psychological evaluation.
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