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Default Re: Determining wake up/bed time by sleep cycles?

Hi! I have been coping with sleep apnea since 2014. I have tried several different apps to track overall sleep and the cycles. I just found and started using one called SleepScore, by ResMed. I use a CPAP mask daily, and ResMed also makes the mask that works the best for me to get the best night sleep. The SleepScore app basic version is free, and although I have only been using a week, it seems to track my sleep more accurately. The only difference with the premium version is that the app will maintain your past sleep data, the basic version will only keep one week of data.

Originally Posted by RomanSunburn View Post
Has anyone tried counting sleep cycles to determine what time to wake up or go to bed? If so, have you noticed a difference?

I've been told that a sleep cycle is roughly 90 minutes, and it's best to try to set your alarm to coincide with the end of a sleep cycle. They also recommended setting one alarm an hour and a half before you plan on getting up, and then a second alarm for the time you actually want to wake up (an hour and a half later). Since my goal is to wake up at 7:00 am, I set my first alarm for 5:30 am. At night, I turn my light off at 11:00 pm to give myself half an hour to fall asleep by 11:30 pm. That way I get in 5 full sleep cycles before my first alarm (and a total of 7.5 hours of sleep). I have no idea if there is a recommended number of sleep cycles. I only started this week, so Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Last night (Wednesday), I had a phone date with a friend and didn't do my normal bedtime routine. I didn't shut my light off until 11:30. I felt like I had been having an easier time waking up the rest of the week, but today was so much harder. I feel like I've been exhausted all day too, whereas my energy level seemed higher the rest of the week (or at least, I didn't come up from work and want to take a nap like I want to right now...).

I'm going to try to continue the 11:00 lights off bedtime routine, even on the weekends, to see if it makes a long term difference, but I've been wondering if any one has tried this or had any experiences with tracking/counting/planning sleep cycles.
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