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Default Re: About to lose everything.

Originally Posted by AB2371 View Post
They certainly don't make that process easy. My work situation is similar. I'm on SSDI and have gotten my ticket to work; thing is, most of my assistance goes into rent, bills and cost of living and I can no longer pay all of my bills. I am too overwhelmed by life to work enough to support myself and I do not qualify for SSI (probably because my car loan). Does anyone know if I could be awarded additional assistance (food stamps, housing assistance, emergency?) and/or what more I could apply for? When I went to ask for housing assistance, they gave me a list of places I can't afford in neighborhoods I am unfamiliar with. I am not interested in moving, but I can no longer make all of my payments and afford to eat. Somewhat panicked but mostly thinking about my future. Anyone have suggestions for me?
Go to your Income Support office and simply apply for Food Stamps (the official name us "SNAP" - Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.) Anyone can put in an application for this benefit. Apply and see what answer you get.

Some people who get food stamps only get $25/month from SNAP. I've heard people say they wouldn't bother for that small an amount. That's dumb thinking. Even at that low monthly amount, it comes out to $300 per year that is as good as cash.

Consider just defaulting on some of your "bills." It depends on what kind of bills these are. If you're using credit cards, STOP.

At the housing authority, tell them you want to apply for a Section 8 Choice Voucher. You might be on a waiting list for a few years, but you've got nothing to lose by getting on that list.
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