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Default Re: I think I have ADHD or something similar.

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honestly, I prefer a movie more like momento, but I have not seen limitless. sorry to hear that you are struggling so greatly with ADHD, time management, and our health care system alone in general, but it seems you have made your decision to not seek medication for this problem. What about what sarahsweets suggests, talking through, your dilemma with an open minded professional? Talk therapy isn't for me right now, but in the past, has helped me greatly. I encourage you to reconsider what ss has suggested

Because it's too stressful walking or riding the bus in cold weather to get to the mental health center for an intake when they want me there at 8AM and waiting in a lobby for a few hours dying from boredom only to possibly not get what I'm looking for.

I might consider it when the weather warms up but I hate mornings and I hate the cold so not doing it now.
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