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Default Re: I think I have ADHD or something similar.

I was literally trying to be kind. *Lesson learned.

Originally Posted by DarknessIsMyFriend View Post
I am a self taught computer hacker. Do you really think I don't know of all the scams out there? Fact of the matter I was planning on being a fraudster at one point of my life because I was well convinced that I could buy my way out of my problems with money.

And Wikipedia isn't accurate. Oh and that friend showed me proof of his earnings. I knew said friend since I was 7 he's one of the last people that would go out of his way to lie to me. Also I have had success with dropshipping myself (all though selling products on eBay as a powerseller instead of my own web store) and was making a steady 4 grand per month in profits but eBay suspended my account solely because I posted too many products in such a short time. They don't like it when you post 500 products in 1 week after having a history of only selling 5-10 per week. Lesson learned.

The scams you are referring to are largely middleman scams and random people offering to "sell" their crap advice/goods on the internet. I know how to spot and avoid both.

But alas, us arguing about this will benefit nobody. I'm not one to listen to people's advice when I set my mind on something and you shouldn't have to waste your energy on me so lets see who is right based on my actions alone.
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