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Default Re: I think I have ADHD or something similar.

I intend on building my own web sites and webstores and I have a childhood friend that does something similar where he builds and monetizes web sites and sells cheap Chinese goods on his web site (known as dropshipping) and makes a 6 figure salary with about 10 hours of work per week. He maintains around 5 websites (a mix of dropship stores and blogs/fansites monetized by CPA/Internet marketing schemes) and hires people to do all the work he hates doing so he can enjoy life. He's barely over 30 and a self made millionaire despite having a **** childhood much like myself. If he can do it I can too.
Drop shipping - Wikipedia

I hesitated posting this link for you because I didnt want you to think I was pooping on your ideas or that your friend has any reason to take advantage of you. But I had never heard of drop shipping and was curious. I am a very avid reader so I read some more. I fear you will get swindled one way or another. The scam possibilities are very lucrative and luring with this type of thing. The people that perpetrate this scheme target their victims with pin point accuracy. Their victims are usually smart, intelligent people who are not gullible. It may not even be your friend, your friend could be getting scammed too and thinking he is sharing a great thing with a friend. Over and over I read how the profit margin was slim to none whether you were scammed or actually tried to do it legit. Unless you carve out an exclusive niche with hard to get products its very hard to make money this way. There are heavy legal ties to bear too. Its largely unregulated which makes it seem "safe" from peering government eyes but the fallout in other ways makes up for it. Hacking your personal accounts, identity theft, malicious software, illegal and unsafe products- all of those things are associated with dropshipping. I know there are legit businesses, there always are but they are few and far between and many times you have to go from person to person up the chain to even find the origional scammer. Maybe I am wrong but a lot of what I read sounded true and it wasnt just wikipedia. I know you think no one cares about you, well I care if people are taken advantage of and wanted to let you know.
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