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Default Re: Had a confusing nightmare last night

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" I told the ghost that I just want to live and be happy and not hurt anybody but I don't know how because nobody taught me how. " This says it all. The Ghost is a part of you. The white light is your illumination to this quote. The monster hunter was also you. Your Drinking kept you from facing your monsters. But now you are facing them, and you are healing. The vibrating earth means change. Change through illumination.

Why was the nightmare so disturbing for me then? Like I woke up 4 hours later and was too shaken up to fall back asleep for a couple of hours. I didn't fall asleep until dawn broke and stayed asleep all afternoon and woke up very cranky and irritable.

Also, what is with the woman at the second part of the dream? Could she have something to do with how I crave affection but am too scared to approach women? Or could this whole dream have something to do with how much I fear being tied down by relationships or just fear relationships in general?
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