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Unhappy Had a confusing nightmare last night

I had a nightmare last night.

In the nightmare, I was living in this house in an average looking neighborhood outside a major city. I got home one day after doing some work to find this guy who claimed he was a monster hunter sitting on my porch asking to come in. I let him in and he seemed like a really nice person so I made him dinner and let him have some of my vodka (I had a mini fridge full of vodka and whiskey in the dream) and he was telling me how he's on a mission to free the world from suffering and can tell that I'm hurting and wants to help me. He carried around a silver sword claiming silver hurts monsters. I let him sleep on my couch and went to bed for the night.

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back asleep so I got myself some coffee and went outside to sit on my porch. I saw what looked like some kind of ghost walking around outside. It's body looked human but it had a sort of a lamp that emitted an creepy blue glow in place of a head. Thinking this was all some kind of joke I yelled at it telling it I am friends with a monster hunter and how I don't need to be afraid anymore and gave it the middle finger. It looked at me and charged at me. I alert my monster hunter friend who is passed out drunk in my garage. I grab his silver sword and frantically run out the back door, jumping the fences as I go. I am prepared to break into other people's homes and turn the ghost onto them, even if it means entire families get wiped out by the ghost, to ensure I survive. I leap over, what appears to be an endless number of fences before the ghost caught up to me. I wave the silver sword at it frantically despite not knowing how to use a sword. It just stands there and stares at me. I could feel a vibrating noise kinda coming from the ghost kinda like it's making the earth shake near it. I get on my knees and start crying begging it to spare me. I told the ghost that I just want to live and be happy and not hurt anybody but I don't know how because nobody taught me how. After a few moments, all I see is a white light and I pass out and wake up in my bed the next morning.

When I wake up, I go outside trying to find the monster hunter and any signs of what happened. I go outside and I notice it's daylight. I notice a beautiful woman with long light blond hair in a blue dress wandering around appearing lost. I wanted to help her but I was afraid to do so. She apparently needed a ride into the city. She saw me on the porch and tried to approach me but I retreated to my house and locked the door. One of my neighbors decided to drive her to the city. I was looking outside my window seeing what was going on. Both my neighbor and the woman were getting ready to drive off. As they were leaving, the woman glared at me through the window. Her eyes had that same creepy blue glow that the ghost's head had the night before. My house then started to vibrate the same way the earth seemed to vibrate when I was by the ghost. I then saw another white light.

That's when the dream ended. I woke up and was too freaked out to go back asleep.

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