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Default Re: Determining wake up/bed time by sleep cycles?

I think going through all the trouble of counting sleep cycles and sticking with a set bedtime is too much work and takes too much enjoyment out of life for me.

One thing I do to get somewhat better sleep is use an app called Tide which plays relaxing ambient sounds from my smartphone to help me sleep and has a built in alarm to slowly wake you up at a set time. I'm also buying one of those sleep band headphones (such as the AcousticSleep SleepPhones) to help aid my sleep further.

I also have a computer monitor with a built in blue light filter which helps further since I'm on my PC a lot.

These methods increase my sleep quality with much less work involved than setting a strict schedule or monitoring sleep cycles or fancy sleep studies or all that mess. Granted I admit I would probably get a little better sleep if I went through all of the extra effort. Is it worth it to work 100% harder for 10% better sleep though? Not to me. Besides I'm a grown man, bed times are for kiddies. I just try to avoid staying up past 2AM if I got stuff to do the next day.
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