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Default Re: Is anyone using Medical Marijuana?

So I am irked. I did take less of the dose than they told me to.. 2.5 mg. rather than 5 mg... but nothing happened at all. I don't think I got high, I had a terrible night sleep, and it is possible that I ended up with more anxiety than I should have. I think I was so busy looking for effects I got anxious.

The only potential things was that I laughed more at a movie I was watching (or maybe it was just funny) and I seemed better able to lie on my back without restless legs. Which usually is a serious problem when I am not sleepy.

Also, I got an edible and it reeked of pot. And it tasted like pot too. So I don't think I will ever buy that excuse again that someone "didn't know" because it is seriously obvious.

I will try the creme tonight because that doesn't get you high.
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