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Default Re: The Kindness of Strangers - Clarification -

Hello folks,

felt I should post a clarification to my thread. I am NOT suggesting that all strangers are good and safe. Nor am I suggesting that people should depend on strangers or seek out help from them. Though I do believe that a person can be independent and still accept a safe kindness from another person. I just wanted to share that there are times when, unexpectedly, a good human can appear in your life and show you a kindness. I think it's really nourishing for our spirits to remember those times. If someone has never experienced that before, who knows what the future will bring?

I realize that lots of people join PC after abuse, disconnects, loneliness, and intense emotional pain. I know that pain is out there and real. I suppose I just find, for me anyway, that focusing on the bad times and less-than-good folks causes me more pain.

if I gave anyone a different impression than what I have clarified, please excuse. I am finding the written forum, without facial affect or tone, to be a bit challenging. I seem to be better at connecting with people in person, face to face. Though I am grateful for the anonymity here because I never share my troubles with the vast majority of people in my life. My S.O. is very kind to me but I never want to put him in "therapist "role or make him feel burdened by my sorrows because that would not be fair to him.

Peace and love to all Thank you for your additions to the thread
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