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Default Re: Is anyone using Medical Marijuana?

So I went.

- though the inside was super ultra modern, the outside looked like someone dilapidated house. I don't know why they feel the need to hide these shops like porn shops.
- all the cars in the driveway were junkers.
- most of the people going in were your stereotypical pot heads and of course, all guys.
- I felt a bit like a criminal as you had to stand outside and put up your id and card to get buzzed in.
- It reeked.
- I need a degree in pot to understand anything that is going on.

-This particular dispensary is opening up near my home soon. I can literally walk there from my home.
- the employees seemed to help me.
- It seemed pretty cheap.
- It wasn't crowded.

In the end I got a creme which isn't supposed to make me high and I got edibles in a chocolate bar which will but it is a very low dose.
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