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Default Re: Determining wake up/bed time by sleep cycles?

No I have never used my sleep dreaming cycles to determine what time I should go to bed or wake up. I had a sleep study done for other health reasons and regardless of what my sleep cycles are they last the same amount of time whether I go to bed at 8, 10, midnight or what ever. its all about how the brain releases its chemicals to induce sleep.

the one thing I did learn with the sleep study and brain scans and education on how the brain works is that if I messed around trying to control my sleep cycles (REM and such) by purposely waking up and sleeping that can cause a person to hallucinate, have delusions and not get the right amount of sleep that their body needs, in other words enter a state of sleep deprivation.

instead of sleeping according to my nightly cycling I go according to my doctor who has told me I need to get at least 10 hours of sleep in every 24 hours and go according to my internal clock, dont try to control it, if my internal clock tells me Im tired at 7 pm thats when I sleep, if my internal clock tells me Im tired at 10pm thats when I sleep.

I do have a work schedule and children have their school schedules so I set my alarm for waking up for those schedules.
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