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Lightbulb Re: I think I might have Aspergers

Originally Posted by MickeyCheeky View Post
The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis, shakespeare47, and see how it goes from there. That way you'll get the help you need. Let us know how it goes. Sending many hugs to you

Yes. Even mental health professionals misdiagnose people commonly and do other wrong things. Many professionals misunderstand what Asperger's is. Why wouldn't an online test, even one made by a professional, do the same? By the way, I think that is impossible to be completely sure you have Asperger's. I think I have it because my problems are too specific and similar to the problems of Asperger's.

Honestly, does anyone else thinks that, if you have the sufficient knowledge, and the sufficient perception and judgement skills, you can diagnose yourself better than a doctor? At least in my country, many doctors, even some top ones, misunderstand Asperger's a lot. I just think that we should have the understanding that these things are difficult to measure, so we need help. It is also important to keep in my mind that we can't be sure if we really have it.
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