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Default Re: Surviving Anhedonia

Mem32, I haven't had any success getting my emotions back. My doctor did all she could do, working with me, to try all sorts of drugs and even getting off some. Nothing has changed, even when I was just on just Geodon at a low dose, which was the ultimate test, because when I first was ill and was put on Geodon it allowed me to feel my full weight of emotions.

I believe either Lexapro or Lithium damaged my brain and that's why I can't feel emotions. Lexapro really did a number on me, I went full rapid cycle acute depression with acute rage. It was horrible.

So anhedonia is a form of depression, which i think it should be a different category. I had to fight tooth and nail to get my negative emotions back like stress, anxiety, and I can feel sad, but mostly just in my stomach and sometimes it represents itself as just that my head feels like it's being weighted down.

My doctor's final recommendation to try and bring my emotions back was to try ECT, Electric convulsant therapy. I don't have the insurance that could pay for that though, also I'm a little uneasy about trying it.

When i was on an academic site for scientists I got a response from someone who was also trying to get her emotions back. I think she was put on an SNRI and boom, they all came rushing back. So there is hope! She just needed a little experimentation to find the right drugs.

J. K. Rowling had anhedonia for a time too. She penned the Dementors after her episode, which she described as thought all the happiness in the world had gone away, and leaves you with only your worst memories. But she got out of it, so there's that. If you have any questions I'll try to answer then.
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