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Default Re: hey im finally going

Originally Posted by saidso View Post
Hi Lisha9,
Did you do it? We looked up Paw Patrol, it is fun.
I have 30 bears... only 4 big-sized ones... but the two very small bears got pocket money for helping while we were travelling, and they just bought some girlfriend dolls on ebay. I was hoping that our bid wouldn't win but the girlfriend dolls just arrived. So I have 30 bears plus five small girl friends.

To me having bears is like discovering stories and imagination when life gets hard. Also when I can't sleep sometimes the bears help. Sometimes they refused to help also. The small bears and girlfriends have mum and dad bears so they can grow up nice.

I don't know how we can move house with so many bears, we will need a special truck for them, but they are definitely coming along with us.

I hope that you enjoyed building the bear if you did it . Will you play stories with him?


I'm sure we'll post something about it (in this thread), when we can be bothered.. either now, or in the next week or so or when we actually remember (it's like the stories for the littles thread, we say we'll do it every day and we don't)

btw- if you've not done so, please check out that thread. their are some pretty awesome stories (most of them we own)
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