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Default Re: The trouble of comparing scores

Originally Posted by rise13eyond View Post
I'm horrible at comparing myself to others. Having to constantly tell myself it's not a contest. And it doesn't completely succeed. The specific score I got isn't that important here, just that it's not nearly as high as some others. I'm not really going to get into how I compare my skills and accomplishments here and now. I know I've said to other people multiple times that in a hospital, you don't treat minor wounds before the most serious ones. You don't even treat things like little paper cuts. Break a leg and you get special care. Get a paper cut and you put a band-aid on it and get over it.
My problem is just that, when other people seem to have more problems, or bigger problems (kinda of indicated by a higher sanity score I guess) that
means that I should just keep a stiff upper lip and bear through things completely on my own and remember I mean nothing. I feel like a paper cut trying to get into the ER next to someone with a concussion.
I identify with this feeling /thought process so much. And this feeling constantly adds to my anxiety...
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