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Default Re: Was I Insecure Here?

Originally Posted by divine1966 View Post
Again if your boyfriend, if that what he really was, engages in excessive contacts wuth your female friends then the issue is him, not those female friends who might not even know he is your serious boyfriend. You keep blaming her but you never blame him. Why?

Iíd look deeper into reasons why you canít discyss with a man you are dating? Is it that he wasnít really official serious boyfriend but more just the guy you liked? Or is it that you are afraid to address issues with men yiu date?
To this day, I wonder why I never confronted him about the issue instead of going ahead to hurt my friend like that even if she was doing something that concerned me. I've been taught my media and friends to always question the man in the relationship, but when it was me who was in that situation, I automatically, without a thought, attacked my friend.

And this was my first ever serious relationship with him being the first ever man I got romantically involved in. Never went on a date, never had a guy like me as much as he did before him. My entire life I've never cared for relationships nor did I ever talk to any guy romantically, so everything was a first to me. (He wasn't cheating on me with her, btw in case you were wondering, I think that small action happening just unnerved me on an abysmal scale)
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