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Default Another routine day!

Just cruising up to xmas,I am keeping busy with chores.I am not going out much so not getting any triggers.I have gone no contact with my narc mother and narc sister,it has been one month.I kept from being really lonely by texting my niece and chatting,but this week she has her friend over staying with her from the US,so I said I wouldn't bother her.He leaves on christmas eve.I will have a lot to do this week going into town most day doing last minute shops and getting food.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to going up town,getting out cos I had been stuck indoors due to insufficient funds.But that will right itself,I am going for a coffee and some treats and then I will have lunch at my favourite cafe ,then go see a film.I like those days.

Today I have a therapy session in about an hour's time,first one in two weeks.
It is a cool day,not too cold,some sunshine.
I hope I can get all the chores done in time for my niece to come on the 27th,we usually do our xmas day then.We have a meal,listen to CD's,watch DVD's drink cocktails and prosecco and open presents.Then we catch up and chat,laugh and joke,it is quality time with someone I love very much.
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