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Default Re: Being told this by men a lot

Originally Posted by HopefullyLost1211 View Post
She also wrote an article on the disrespect and even aggression that some married folks display toward singletons. Very interesting. She basically points out that if someone is unmarried and happy that way...some married folks find her threatening because it challenges their world view that the only path to happiness is marriage + children. I think she may be onto something there.
Absolutely. They chose the normal life but that normal life is tough. So when you come along and say, nah, it devalues their choice if you "get away with it"... and are accepted by society. It is important to them that you be as miserable as they are or... an outcast from society.

If you want to be single you must pay for it.

Just about every fringe group under the sun is more accepted as long as they have someone with them. Every notice that?
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