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Default Re: Sexual harassment

So sorry you have had to go through that. I have also dealt with sexual harassment and I don't find that it ever gets easier to manage. I'm often torn between saying something to set a boundary or just ignoring and walking away.

With regard to dating, which sites did you try? I was reluctant to try online dating at all (I'm old fashioned by today's standards) after my divorce but I used to go on dates via Match (on and off for a few years) and met some nice guys. I never had a bad experience on there and nobody asked me for naked pics.

I am aware that there are some sites out there which are designed only for "hook-ups." Is is possible that you inadvertently signed up for the wrong kind of site...wrong in the sense that you would like to actually date and find a relationship. Imagine that!

I had two female friends seeking committed relationships who enjoyed dates via EHarmony. I just wasn't a fan because the creator has quite narrow views about divorced folks and gay men/lesbians. I should say that I did not meet my current significant other via Match but I know someone who met her husband on that site.

I am sorry that your relationship 20 years ago was not a good experience. Life is filled with endless possibilities! I hope there's a good, loving man out there who'll enter your life when the timing is just right. Good luck and best wishes UCLAFan
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