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Default Re: Being told this by men a lot

Originally Posted by Emily Fox Seaton View Post
I think it is even more rude because right in the question is the presumption that your highest and best use is to be "chosen" by someone else and follow the norms of society. Just asking the question is an insult trying to be masked as a serious question. Because ultimately people who ask this question rarely care the actual reasons.

People are idiots! Too much texting and television. They don't know how to communicate. They let anything come out of their mouths. I guess that is part of the reason I am alone so much. I just got tired of the idiotic things people say. I got tired of being shocked at people's rudeness and judging.

There is so much wrong with the world...I wish people would know, like global citizens...and stand for causes and such. What is the point of bringing children into this world when we are completely destroying the planet? Why isn't everyone concerned with making what we have more livable?

I was married, I had children, now I am single. To be honest I don't see much difference. I was never one to start every sentence with "My husband..." and I didn't wear a wedding I could not see why it was anyone's business whether or not I was married.
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