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Originally Posted by Blue_Bird View Post
I understand what you're talking about. I have so much apprehension when it comes to doing new things or anything social

It usually takes me like months and months to be able to do something, and when I finally force myself to do it I realize it's actually a good experience most of the time
Hugs, Blue_Bird. Years ago, I had really bad social anxiety. It's not bad anymore. But I often experience anxiety more in my head (my thoughts) than in my body now. However, this could be a residual form. I don't know. I have avoided social things ever since college, which was like 15 years ago. Thats a long time. It may be really ingrained in me, even though once I'm there, I'm fine. I also don't really find myself thinking socially anxious thoughts before I go to these things, so I don't know what it really is now. I just know it definitely started as social anxiety and also as trauma reaction. It seems more depressive now. I suppose, honestly, it is best not to try to label and analyze it though, and just work with what I have and know.
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